This Web site is used as a basic communication channel with my students and colleagues at the Hong Kong Institution of Education (HKIEd). Some information such as frequently-used terms have been highlighted for the students under the ITCE Portfolio System.

A Good Presentation

Teaching is somewhat related to presentation skills. The following concepts are interesting and happy to share:

7% Word
38% Tone of voice
55% Body language

7%-38%-55% Rule
Prof Albert Mehrabian, UCLA

Responsible Workshops

Edu Terms


Definition#1: ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) is an umbrella term that includes any communication device or application ...

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Project-based learning (PBL)

In Project-Based Learning, students have a great deal of control of the project they will work on and what they will do in the project. The project may or may not address a specific problem ...

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Recent Events


Creating online questionnaires with Google Docs

The workshop discusses how to design a questionnaire with Google Docs. It also introduces how to share the questionnaire authoring duty on the Web. Participants will gain hands-on experience in building an online questionnaire, real-time data collection, and data presentation.


Using SMS services of Google applications for mobile scheduling

The workshop aims at introducing how to manage schedules by Google Calendar with your Google account. It also involves hands-on practice on free SMS reminder services provided by Google Calendar with mobile phones.


I am Mike, an ICT educator at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, I like meeting people with enthusiasm on applying ICT in various disciplines at different levels in the sense of Web 2.0.