Personal Web Page Server -

This is a web server being maintained by OCIO to provide Personal Web Pages service to the EdUHK community.  Being a EdUHK staff or student, you can apply for a computer account on UNIX server to publish your own personal web pages. To apply for your UNIX account, please visit

To get basic information of creating and publishing your personal web pages in EdUHK, please visit

Please note that users should not use the network resources for activities that are not related to the University (e.g. commercial activities).  It is the responsibility of the users to ensure that the contents of his/her home pages are appropriate and do not incur anger or inconvenience to anyone/organizations.  The Laws of Hong Kong governing the pornographic and indecent materials also apply to files stored in electronic forms. Illegal storage and distribution of such materials is a criminal offense.  Meanwhile, all the contents will be removed if the owners of the materials had left the University. Please also refer to for more information.